The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
by Mark Twain

Reader-Response Questions
by Ron Weightman

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Chapters 1 - 4 (pages 1 - 18)

  1. Tom and Huck were rich because they had how much money?
  2. What was Huck's reaction to the Bible?
  3. "Snuff" was mentioned to underscore what? A) the authenticity of Moses B) the authenticity of Tom's band of robbers C) respectable living under civilized rules D) hypocracy within the Widow Douglas
  4. Pertaining to "the good place," why didn't Huck "try for it"?
  5. Which one revealed Huck's superstition? A) the owl B) the ghost C) the dog D) the spider
  6. Jim was whose slave?
  7. How did Jim explain his hat being on a tree limb?
  8. To join Tom Sawyer's Gang, what did everybody have to do?
  9. Why was Miss Watson the substitute sacrifice for Huck's father?
  10. Why did everybody resign from Tom's Gang?
  11. According to Tom, why couldn't Huck see the diamonds?
  12. T/F: Huck was sort of getting used to the widow's ways.
  13. What did Huck do with his six thousand?
  14. When Jim retold the sayings of the hair-ball, it was certain the black angel would devour Huck's father.
  15. As for Huck, how many marriages would he have?
  16. Huck was supposed to keep away from what? A) the mountains B) the meadows C) the water D) the snow
  17. Who was waiting for Huck in his room?

    Chapters 5 - 8 (pages 18 - 47)

  18. Which was not one of the demands pap had for his son?
    A) Replace school with religion.
    B) Quit going to school.
    C) Prove you can read.
    D) Give me your money.
  19. How did pap pay for going against the judge's tide of reform?
  20. What did pap trade for whisky? A) fish and game B) some of Huck's money C) bullets D) cowhide
  21. What reason was given for Huck resuming his cussing? A) Miss Watson's ways were weak. B) Jim predicted it. C) Huck liked the old ways. D) Pap didn't object.
  22. "Welts" were mentioned for what reason? A) to indicate the presence of wasps B) to indicate how fed up Huck was getting C) to indicate the effectiveness of a stick beating D) to indicate the effectiveness of hickory
  23. What examples did pap use to criticize the government?
  24. Who called whom "the Angel of Death"?
  25. After feigning his own death, where did Huck plan on going?
  26. The ferryboat with pap and Judge Thatcher on it was doing what?
  27. After Huck greeted Jim, what did Jim's reaction reveal?
  28. Why did Jim run away from Miss Watson?

    Chapters 9 - 12 (pages 47 - 70)

  29. How did the man in the floating house die?
  30. How was the house useful to Jim and Huck?
  31. To the woman of forty, Huck played what new role?
  32. Why were there three and two hundred dollar rewards out for Jim and old Finn?
  33. T/F: After Huck revealed he was a boy to Mrs. Judith Loftus and after he spun another hocus-pocus story, she didn't bother contriving any more tests for him.
  34. Who didn't want to slink around the stranded steamboat?
  35. T/F: Jim Turner stole Jim's and Huck's raft.

    Chapters 13 - 16 (pages 70 - 95)

  36. At one point which two were actually in a get-a-way skiff?
    A) Huck and Jim Turner
    B) Bill and Jake Packard
    C) Jim and Jim Turner
    D) Packard and Finn
  37. Shortly after Jim and Huck found their raft, how did Huck show sympathy for the rascals on the Walter Scott?
  38. Hearing Jim's view of King Soloman and the way Frenchmen speak convinced Huck of what?
  39. What were the effects of Jim realizing Huck pulled a prank and a lie on Jim?
  40. What realization began to give Huck so much anxiety that he wished he were dead?
  41. What were Jim's freedom hopes?
  42. What made Huck hotter than ever?
  43. When a skiff carrying two men in it with guns approached Huck's canoe, what was revealed about Huck's resolve to turn Jim in?
  44. What led Huck to the new moral stance that he would "do whichever come handiest at the time"?
  45. T/F: Leading the men into thinking they were coming into contact with smallpox was the lie Huck used to save Jim, but Jim never heard the conversation.
  46. After discovering their canoe gone, what would "fetch more bad luck"?
  47. What smashed through the raft?

    Chapters 17 - 20 (pages 95 - 135)

  48. T/F: Buck was about as old as George Jackson (Huck).
  49. After hearing the expanded tale explaining Huck's family and presence, what did the Grangerfords do?
  50. How did Huck know his name the next day?
  51. Arrange the following according to legend: undertaker, doctor, Emmeline.
  52. What did Huck recall from the Widow Douglas?
  53. What were the two responses from Col. Grangerford to Buck shooting at Harney Shepherdson?
  54. Buck's rendition of the origin of the feud between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons indicated what about Buck's understanding?
  55. Which did not occur?
    A) Huck's view of a Shepherdson was countered.
    B) The feuding parties attended the same church with weapons.
    C) Sophia Grangerford liked Harney Shepherdson.
    D) Buck joined Huck and Jim.
  56. Who said, "'Let the cold world do its worst'"?
  57. The man of 70 professed to be whom?
  58. T/F: Huck was upset that Jim couldn't see through the humbugs and frauds.
  59. Peace amongst the four travelers was kept on the raft because Huck had learned what from whom?
  60. What did the King do to raise eighty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents?
  61. Why did the duke print a reward for Jim?

    Chapters 21 - 24 (pages 135 - 163)

  62. When did the sword fight stop?
  63. Admission to the Shakespearean Revival was how much?
  64. What did the fifty-plus-year-old Boggs first say to Huck?
  65. After Boggs was shot by Colonel Sherburn, the body was taken to a little drug store where what two objects were used as a pillow and a blanket?
  66. T/F: After the long, lanky man with long hair mapped out the terrain and retold the unfolding of the story, which aroused the mob to seek and lynch Sherburn, Bogg's sixteen-year-old daughter cried out, "'Charge! or else there ain't a man amongst you! Rage like injuns and scalp Sherburn."
  67. Why did the racket stop and the wave suck back?
  68. What happened after Sherburn mocked the mob and their half-man leader?
  69. T/F: The circus was good enough for Huck.
  70. Who said, "Arkansaw lunkheads couldn't come up to Shakespeare"?
  71. T/F: On the new handbill, all were welcome to the next performance.
  72. How did the duke and the king get away with four hundred and sixty-five dollars without adverse repercussion from the townspeople?
  73. What realization did Jim have about the duke and the king?
  74. Why did Huck refrain from telling Jim that the two men weren't royalty?
  75. Why was Jim's daughter deaf and dumb?
  76. How was Jim able to travel in the day light without being roped?
  77. Why was the king talking "it all over again on his hands to the duke"?

    Chapters 25 - 28 (pages 163 - 195)

  78. T/F: The red-head saw through the king's holy tears.
  79. Which verb did Huck not use when qualifying the kings speeches?
    A) flapdoodle
    B) slobbers
    C) blattered
    D) weaves
  80. In response to Doctor Robinson's accusations against the king, what did Mary Jane Wilks do to indicate her belief?
  81. At the big supper who waited on the king and the duke?
  82. T/F: Joanna took offense at being called a hare-lip by Huck.
  83. What did Joanna have to do after Mary Jane gave her "hark from the tomb"?
  84. Why did Huck wish he could tell Joanna "a thousand lies"?
  85. Huck's resolve against the reptile was what?
  86. Explain the meaning of the duke not wanting "to go no deeper"?
  87. Why did Huck have a creepy feeling when he hid the money?
  88. T/F: To maintain the image of doing things according to a proper time table, the king staunchly refused to accept money prior to the public auction, and he made these ethics public, diffusing any private suspicions.
  89. Why could Huck safely shift the blame for the stolen money "onto the niggers"?
  90. What new appreciation did the duke have for "the niggers"?
  91. What was tantamount to sitting "down on a kag of powder and touching it off just to see where you'll go to"?
  92. How did Bricksville factor into the truth?
  93. Huck's compliment to Mary Jane's nature was used to persuade her to depart before breakfast because he knew her transparency would spoil his plan. What other criticism was implied by the remark, ""I don't want no better book than what your face is"?
  94. T/F: During the auction, the king had to reproach the duke for overly "goo-gooing for sympathy."

    Chapters 29 - 32 (pages 195 - 224)

  95. Why did the king make reference to a broken arm and lost baggage?
  96. What role did the "big rough husky" Hines play?
    A) He provided live testimony that refuted the king's itinerary.
    B) Like a wrestler, he was impervious to the men who jumped him.
    C) He was a rebel to the doctor.
    D) He gave credence to the new dummy.
  97. Why did Huck speak "on the right side"?
  98. Who told Huck to sit down and get some more practice at lying because he was no good at it?
  99. T/F: The tattoo test followed the handwriting test.
  100. Lacking a lantern revealed what?
  101. Which did not occur?
    A) Familiar company followed the fishing out of Huck.
    B) Money made the mob of men hoot and holler.
    C) Mary Jane blew the lantern out.
    D) The grip was gone when Hines broke for a buck.
    E) Huck sped straight through the main street.
  102. T/F: When the king told Jim to shut up, Jim replied, "'Leggo the boy, you old idiot!"
  103. Who fessed up and insincerely admitted hidding the money in Peter Wilks's coffin? Why?
  104. After the king and the duke both took to their bottles, what conversation ensued?
  105. Jim was betrayed by whom and for how much?
  106. T/F: Huck finally got the gumption to send his letter to Miss Watson.
  107. Why did the king and the duke allow Huck to pursue Abram G. Foster?
  108. Which three were not present together in Chapter 31?
    A) the handbill, Phelps, and Jim
    B) Jim, Abram, and Huck
    C) the duke, the king, and Huck
    D) loafers, the king, and the duke
  109. To those present, the white woman (Aunt Sally) announced Huck to be whom?
  110. Why did Huck insist on retrieving his baggage alone?

    Chapters 33 - 36 (pages 224 - 250)

  111. What best described Tom's belief system?
    A) Seeing Huck was good enough to believe he wasn't a ghost.
    B) Hearing Huck's voice was good enough.
    C) Touching Huck was necessary before he could fully believe.
    D) Hearing real adventures was necessary before Tom would truly believe he wasn't a ghost.
  112. What was Huck's reaction to hearing Tom so quickly joining him in the plot to steal Jim?
  113. After Tom indicated he was looking for Mr. Archibald Nichols, how did Aunt Sally show Southern hospitality?
  114. What performance enraged and astounded Aunt Sally?
  115. When Huck saw that the king and the duke were tar and feathered, what was his reaction?
  116. According to Tom and Huck, what gives man inner pain?
  117. Which boy surmised where Jim was?
  118. According to Huck, why was Tom taking a greater risk involving himself in "nigger stealing"?
  119. T/F: Another slave undermined Huck's and Tom's plan to dig out Jim by reporting them to Uncle Silas.
  120. Why was a saw introduced into the dialogue?
  121. Why did Tom prefer three knives, chucking the availability of a saw?
  122. How did Tom save face when knife digging proved too inefficient?

    Chapters 37 - The Last (pages 251 - 294)

  123. How was the rope ladder transported to Jim?
  124. Which objects were part of Tom's plan?
    A) nails, music, wheels, songs, and shirts
    B) spiders, snakes, rats, flowers, and music
    C) rocks, writing, pies, shoes, and tears
    D) shirts, ropes, nails, belts and buckles
  125. What made Aunt Sally "whoop to Jericho"?
  126. Why were things "always lively" for Jim?
  127. Explain: "Beware, Trouble is brewing. Keep a sharp lookout."
  128. While amongst the roomful of farmers, why didn't Huck take his hat off?
  129. T/F: The bloodhounds made their loudest powwow when they sniffed blood on Tom's calf.
  130. Who was to be given "a purse full of gold" and sworn "to be silent as the grave"?
  131. Tom's comments about the chalk indicated what personal attitude about man and society?
  132. What was Aunt Sally's view of boys?
  133. Quote Uncle Silas's view of boys.
  134. How did Huck's conscience prevent him from being typically Huck?
  135. When the doctor returned with Tom and Jim, what did some of the huffy men want to do with Jim?
  136. What counter-thought made the huffy ones cool their heels?
  137. How did the doctor do Jim a "good turn"?
  138. T/F: A promise was made not to cuss at Jim anymore.
  139. When Tom awoke in the presence of Huck and Aunt Sally, what did he do?
  140. After calling Tom a rapscallion and a young scamp, Aunt Sally made what threat?
  141. T/F: After hearning about Jim's enslavement, Tom turned to Huck and said, "I 'spec you can crawl in your grave now fer foulin' up right messy when you left."
  142. Tom told Aunt Sally he spun his work to set Jim free for "the adventure of it," but what deeper reason did Tom have for pursuing such interest in Jim?
  143. Who confirmed the essential fact about Jim's freedom such that Aunt Sally could understand the motives behind Tom's adventurous activities.
  144. Which did not occur?
    A) Tom paid Jim forty dollars for being such a good, patient prisoner.
    B) Huck learned the truth about his safe money and his pap's death.
    C) Tom's bullet became the two hands of a watch worn around his neck.
    D) Huck was uneasy about being adopted and civilized by Aunt Sally.

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